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AI Use Cases - Video Panel Debate

27 Jun 2019


CANCOM's CTO, Mark Skelton hosts this lively panel debate on AI Use Cases with Matt Armstrong Barnes CTO for AI at HPE and Microsoft's Anna Fear, Product Marketing Azure.  They discuss the AI-driven technologies having the biggest impact in the Enterprise. During the debate they highlight AI Use Cases from diverse sectors such as farming, healthcare, retail and policing.  What applications should you use AI for? And when shouldn't you use AI? Watch the debate to find out

Why the buzz around AI?

[Watch Time: 2 minutes]


AI Use Cases - Farming and Retail

[Watch Time: 2 minutes]


AI Use Cases - Healthcare

[Watch Time: 1.5 minutes]


Watch The Full AI Debate Here:

[Watch Time: 1 hour]

There's no doubt Emerging Technologies like AI, have the power to dramatically transform operations and profits.

Find out more, including a blueprint guide on how to get started in our White Paper:

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