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Data Security - Better Safe than Sorry

04 Oct 2019


In this month’s easyJet Traveller Magazine, CANCOM's Chief Information Security Officer, Marcel Reifenberger, shares his tips on keeping your data safe, whether at home, at work or on-the-move.

Marcel reveals how the Internet of Things, especially within our IoT-driven homes, puts us more at risk than ever before.  He also highlights how technologies such as AI and VR are presenting fresh security challenges.

For example, the security industry is already looking at ways to tackle the potential huge issue of medical device hacking.

Virtual reality is also likely to present new security challenges.  With the increasing use of VR a simple everyday business meeting could become a security risk - if a virtual reality whiteboard is hacked someone could potentially steal your ideas. And worse still, in this era of fake news, your ideas could be manipulated and misrepresented.

Marcel elaborated, "It’s easier to be hacked than you may imagine.  Previously, you needed deep technical skills to be a hacker but these days it’s just a question of drag-and-drop. In a couple of clicks, hackers can find an IP address using publicly available platforms and discover vulnerabilities."

"It’s also a misconception that hacking is always for financial gain.  Sometimes hackers just want to expose a weakness. It’s also worth mentioning there are both white-hat ethical hackers and black-hat, criminals."


Image source: easyJet Inflight Traveller Magazine

Marcel concludes the easyJet interview with his 3 top tips for keeping data safe:

1. Make sure your hardware and software are up-to-date and always use a VPN software when accessing public WiFi. 

2. Develop a security mindset - so, in other words don't just buy something from a suspicious-looking website because it's cheap.  Always think carefully before buying online.

3. Finally, make security a constant priority and develop the right mindset, "Staying secure is like keeping fit, you need to keep at it."

Check out Marcel's article on board your next easyJet flight.

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