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Azure Expert Status Achieved through Hard Work, Experience and Passion

14 Jul 2020


CANCOM UK has achieved Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) status becoming the first UK partner to be awarded the Microsoft accreditation on first pass with zero remediation items and a high score of 112.


This accreditation puts CANCOM on a trusted shortlist of top-performing UK Azure MSP partners with proven Azure customer experience and deep technical skills to secure the Azure Expert status. We spoke to CANCOM's Azure Expert Accreditation Team to get the inside track.




How does it feel to have passed the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP accreditation?

Incredible! This was a 2-day intensive audit so when we heard we passed first time with a high score of 112 and zero remediation actions it was a mix of elation, pride and relief. 


What did the audit involve?

Lots of hard work and preparation by our team of experts. The audit itself is intense. It involves an independent third-party deep dive inspection of Sales, Solutions, Transition, Operations and Service Management.


What does this mean for customers?

When they are looking for an MSP, it removes a lot of the legwork in finding the top performing Azure MSPs in the UK. It also guarantees great service and exceptional outcomes on an ongoing basis - Azure Expert MSP Partners need to meet pre-requisites annually and complete a progress audit every year.


What does it mean for CANCOM?

It makes our relationship with Microsoft stronger than ever, and in turn, this benefit is passed on to our customers. Meaning spend and technology are continuously optimised by our highly qualified consultants and technical experts.


Azure Expert MSP CANCOM



Choosing an Azure Expert MSP partner


Choosing an MSP that has been thoroughly vetted by the cloud of your choice makes sense; it reduces risk, and increases your chance of success.


And because CANCOM has broad expertise, across both Microsoft Cloud and Modern Workplace solutions, you get a joined-up vision across both.


With our expertise we can help you improve security, compliance, app migration, end user adoption, licensing and IT support.










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