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Why agility has never been more important in the Modern Data Centre

05 May 2020


If there is one thing the effects of COVID-19 have shown us, it's that organisations should constantly review how they can make their data centre and workplace platforms more agile, scalable and secure.


OK, so COVID-19 is a pretty extreme example…I get that…but the same principles apply.  To respond to demand, infrastructure needs to be secure, agile and flexible so it can be scaled up and down accordingly.


Today, many organisations will be mulling over lessons learned from this massive, real world business continuity example. Be in no doubt, many of the world’s smartest minds will be proactively applying new technologies, processes and governance to ensure they are ready to cope if such an event takes place again.


After all, we’ve all seen the headlines - a long road ahead to full recovery and further likely outbreaks of coronavirus. (A scary thought, I know!)


CANCOM Networking and Communications


The world has changed 

It's my view "normal" will look quite different once COVID-19 is finally back under control. It’s likely working from home is likely to be adopted on a much wider scale. But I believe, this will also mean an upturn in productivity due to more flexible working patterns plus greater availability for meetings with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


Additionally, employees will find innovative ways to adapt to the new work/life balance. So, organisations will need to react with speed and agility to capitalise on new opportunities that arise – before the competition does.


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Now is the time to move to modern!

A move to a modern data centre architecture can and will help organisations react quicker and more efficiently to this shift in market dynamics. You need to have the right IT infrastructure to support your ambitions. As Mark Zuckerberg said when he described Facebook’s operating philosophy: “Move fast with stable infrastructure.”


Whether your goal is to adopt a cloud-based modern workplace for better collaboration, or to deploy a Big Data project to speed up decision-making, you can’t achieve maximum benefits from either without the right, modern infrastructure.


The modern data centre is made up of three core layers:

  • Logic driven Automation & Orchestration 
  • Built-on Software-Defined Architectures,
  • Natively deployed across, Data Centre, Edge and Public Cloud.


When we work with customers, we strive to continually move them forwards towards a more agile, modern data centre. One that will provide the foundation for success!


Will Wilkinson
Head of Cloud & Infrastructure



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