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Data & Artificial Intelligence: Every business must become a data business

15 Jun 2018


To reap the benefits of transformational technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, it’s critical to connect your data sources together and develop a solid data strategy. It's important to mobilise your organisational resources now, to develop the discipline and tools you need to manage and mine data. Our Experts Mark Skelton and Tony Muraki-Hart consider how Enterprises can begin to start harnessing the power of data.

Practically, you need to be able to use your data to make more informed and better business decisions.

To improve underlying operations, you’ll need to understand what’s possible before deciding exactly what approach to take. This is why it's key to focus on the right data and NOT just all data.


Driving insight and intelligence with your data

It is important not to over complicate your approach and be practical:

Ask the right questions – identify the data sources that are vital to your organisation;

Look beyond your 4 walls – understand how to augment your data with publicly available data, sensor data, 3rd-party paid- for-data or even the Deep Web. This will help your analytics teams develop targeted, more expansive and detailed reporting, including real time updates using IoT;

Enrich your data resource pool – identify those who can artfully combine deep modelling and statistical techniques with your company’s industry or function-specific insights. Be successful in creating teams that can effectively balance business analytics and programming with data science;

Visualise, look beyond the core data – infographics and/or data dashboards, such as those available in Microsoft’s Power BI, will help many in your organisation fully understand the ‘so what’s’ and ‘why’ of complex analytical insights, so that practical actions can be taken;

This is a business-driven effort – analytics is more than an IT function, it should be core to your business strategy. Not only will it showcase the true value of your IT service capabilities, but it will help gain funding for ever-more sophisticated techniques of understanding your data landscape. Ultimately, it helps drive accountability of your underlying assets. It’s critical to understand how to harness the available data to generate the required answers;

Expand your vision – as you develop new capabilities and approaches, consider how these can be extended across your organisation, both internally, and externally with customers and partners. This defined data strategy will become part of your reference architecture and target operating model.

OCSL believes that everyone should have the capability to learn from data, whether you’re a data scientist, healthcare professional or car salesperson.

Understanding the value and differentiation you want to create will help you define your approach to aggregating the data you know about, but also beginning to tap into the world of unknown Dark data.


  • We can help organisations benefit from a flexible cloud-based infrastructure. Combined with the right services and applications, this can convert vast amounts of internal and external data into predictive and analytical toolsets.
  • We can help make the concepts of advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence simpler and achievable.

If you’d like to find out more about how our approach and data assessment services can help unlock the potential of your data, please get in touch.


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