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Emerging Tech Doesn’t Need to be High Risk

09 Dec 2019


If you haven’t read it, I’d recommend downloading our White Paper here. One of my key takeaways is this: adopting Emerging Technologies doesn’t need to be high risk. Many clients are starting to use emerging technologies within tried-and-trusted platforms. And they are starting to see the benefits. In this post I take a look at a couple of these key benefits.

1. Insights & Trend-Spotting

One of the biggest challenges we see within the Enterprise is unlocking value from data. How do you cope with the sheer scale of data that needs to be processed? And what are the best tools to do this?

In the White Paper, TV broadcaster and journalist David McClelland makes this important point: if you think this is challenging now, what will happen when connected-device count really begins to mushroom?

Asset management functions will demand scalable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to keep afloat. In other words, AI won’t be a nice-to-have, it will become essential.

At CANCOM we’re helping several organisations across different sectors adopt AI within Azure. They are using it to unlock insights and spot trends in a way that would have been impossible manually. A good example of starting small and using the AI capabilities within a tried-and-tested platform.

2. Better customer service

Other clients are starting to use Chatbots. Another simple, yet effective way to dip-your-toe-in-the-AI-Water.

Overlaying automation with Machine Learning gives you the power to immediately understand your customers better.

Plus, you can begin to personalise the customer experience. This is particularly significant if you’re a smaller player. It gives you the ability to provide content in real time based on individual preferences. Arguably, putting you on a par with tech giants such as Google or Amazon.


Figure 3.0 an example chatbot framework used within Microsoft Azure

Emerging technologies: final thoughts...

As I outline in the White Paper, standing-on-the shoulders of tech giants can offer a fast-track route to success. With this approach it’s possible to limit risk and quickly start demonstrating value.

Jason Normanton
Enterprise Architect

Jason Normanton

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Jason Normanton

Enterprise Architect

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