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Getting Started in Azure - Common Adoption Challenges

30 Oct 2019


Mark Skelton, CANCOM's Chief Technology Officer works with clients across all sectors. Many organisations have now embraced Cloud and Hybrid IT, but many organisations still struggle. We took the opportunity discuss the most common issues organisations are facing. And how these can be addressed by Azure Fast Start, a automated package that can dramatically speed up an Azure set up and help with best practice too.

Q: What are the current challenges for adopting Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Services?

The Skills Gap. Over the last 18 months, we’ve had many discussions with clients about Cloud, Hybrid IT and Azure. But one of the key challenges is that it's still relatively new technology. Many clients simply don’t have the skills. They have a go, but don’t know how to deploy. 9 times out of 10 they get stuck on the initial launch.


The Security Challenges. This is a challenge when moving to any Public Cloud. It's hard to know what exactly will happen when you drop Azure into your own environment and start connecting VPNs up to your existing production data set.

Licensing and Subscriptions can also be complex. Many clients struggle to get the best set-up and often don't feel in control.

There's also confusion around best practice. Because there are so many different ways to deploy Azure, there's often no out-of-the-box guidelines. What you need here is experience. And this is where partners can really add value.

All of these factors, mean organisations are slow to adopt Azure and other Microsoft Cloud Solutions.


Q: Can you tell me a bit more about Azure Fast Start?

Yes. As I've outlined, many organisations commit to Public Cloud, but then fail to get started. So, what we've developed is code to help clients get started in Azure in a matter of hours. It's based on our collective experience of deploying Azure infrastructures.

It helps clients get started in Azure in a highly automated manner. With a greater degree of automation and standardisation, we help to de-risk your move to the Public Cloud and reduce your time-to-value.


Q: How long does it take to set up Azure Fast Start?

Typically, setting up Azure can take up to 15 days to set up and deploy. With the IP code we have developed we can install and set up Azure in just a few hours.


Q: What's included in Azure Fast Start?

In short, you get best practice set up out-of-the-box. This includes domain controllers, ADFS. All of this lovely stuff. It delivers a good security baseline. Azure needs a level of security hardening to make sure networks are fully secure. So, we’ve put a lot of thought into identifying what a good security model looks like.


There's also no need to figure out complex subscriptions and licensing. This is all part of the package.


Our package also sets up the Hybrid Identity piece. It builds a brand new ADFS environment in Azure for you to start consuming identity from the Cloud. So, your Active Directory User Names and Passwords are being extended up into the Cloud, but in a highly secure manner.


We also set up processes for Resource and Network Security Groups. We also set up VPNs, and all of the virtual networking in Azure. We set up an internal network, an external network, and put all the security and firewalls around this. So you have absolute certainty, your resources are protected in any environment,


When it comes to storage accounts, Azure can be complicated. We set up storage accounts and the encryption keys, so anything deployed to Azure gets encrypted at rest. And this is mandatory for a lot of compliance policies.

As part of the package you also get our expert’s expertise. In a hands-on face-to-face workshop you get a good understanding of Azure to take forward.


Q: Anything else people should know?

Azure Fast Start has really taken off and our clients are already reaping the benefits of automated deployment in a standardised way. We're investing in more IP developments and are continually looking for new ways to help our clients get the most out of Azure.

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