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HPE Discover 2020 Roundup

11 Aug 2020


This year's flagship customer showcase event from HPE, Discover Virtual Experience, is certainly not like any we've attended before. But it's not just for the obvious reasons. Sure, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the event to be run 100% virtually and tested HPE's ability to provide relevant and engaging content to its customers and partners like never before...


Probably the most noticeable difference, was that this IT giant - synonymous and sometimes marred with a focus on 'tin' - didn't make any major new hardware product announcements. Instead the focus was on; open-standards-based software, EVERYTHING as a service and consulting services (among other things). This change is helping HPE to truly enhance its reputation in driving business outcomes for its customers and partners alike.


So let's take a quick look under the covers of these core topics.



Remember, you can still watch the Discover Virtual Experience sessions on-demand.



Ezmeral - A modern, open-standards-based software portfolio


HPE kicked off its theme at Discover - 'of a move away from hardware discussions to driving business outcomes via software and services' - with the introduction of Ezmeral, its open-standards-based software portfolio, built on top of Kubernetes. The vision for Ezmeral is; to enable customers to unify the way they deploy and operate container-based workloads, from Edge to Cloud and across virtual machines and/or bare metal. To be clear, Ezmeral is not a single software product. Ezmeral is a suite of containerised software products and solutions.




With this announcement, and a clear focus on applications and data across Edge to Cloud, we can see HPE really starting to transform itself and align to the requirements and needs of its customers today. Formalising the HPE Kubernetes-based software strategy gives HPE a focus and forward direction of travel for further acquisitions and continued internal development of this open-standards-based portfolio, which is sure to drive a huge amount of value to its customers across many areas.


GreenLake - Accelerating the Edge to Cloud movement


HPE is expanding its on-premises infrastructure, provided as a service with flexible capacity and sophisticated usage metering. With this GreenLake announcement, HPE is building on an already broad and diverse portfolio, to include 'born in the cloud' platforms that are powering the move to modern application and data consumption, across Edge to Cloud. If you are you struggling to understand what GreenLake is, the easiest way to think of it, is a turnkey managed service for HPE infrastructure.


Some of the new services to be included in the GreenLake portfolio are:

  • New pre-configured, ready-to-ship offerings for virtual machines, compute, and storage, delivering cloud speed and agility on premises.
  • New cloud services specifically optimized for the distributed cloud experience:
    HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides purpose-built and optimized container services for distributed cloud environments, based on Kubernetes.
  • HPE Ezmeral ML Ops enables customers to operationalize AI/ML faster, bringing DevOps agility to the machine learning life cycle.
  • Data Protection enables customers to back up and protect data in the cloud, and seamlessly move data between clouds and on premises, with no lock-in or egress costs.
  • Networking simplifies operations with proactive service management and configuration practices across your customer’s Aruba network.
  • New self-service, automated provisioning experience for fast delivery of VMs and containers—cloud services on premises.

GreenLake services can be run in your Edge locations, in your own data centres and even co-located data centres provided by CANCOM.


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Services to help you transition, fast


Once you've chosen to work on open-standards-based software platform, running on mature and proven Edge to Cloud infrastructure AND you're planning on consuming this all as a Service via HPE GreenLake… you need the right professional services to design, build, deploy and run your new, modern application and data-centric architectures. Enter, HPE PointNext services.


You might be thinking; why is a services partner like CANCOM talking about HPE's services. Are you not competing with HPE in this instance? The reality is, absolutely not and here's the reason why:


The services our customers are demanding today can be varied and complex. They are often leading edge and bespoke i.e. deploying condition-based maintenance IoT solutions at manufacturing sites. Some of these services are not core to CANCOM's business today and, where that is the case, we work alongside our strategic vendor partners, such as HPE, to ensure we can design, build, deploy and run end-to-end solutions for our joint customers.


In summary


HPE is changing, fast. Maybe it has been accelerated by the pandemic - as is the case for so many of us - but in reality, this change has been happening steadily over time to the benefit of our joint customers.



Remember, you can still watch the Discover Virtual Experience sessions on-demand.




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