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Hybrid IT Essentials: Adapt, Evolve and Survive

03 Mar 2017

Hybrid IT Solutions. There’s no doubt, we are heading to an 'as-a-Service' world but there’s work to do before we get there. Organisations established for more than a few years usually have their own established IT infrastructure. And this means not just the physical hardware and software infrastructure but the people, facilities, and processes to support it. And all of this takes significant thought and time to transition into “as-a-service” models. So, as this transition takes place, companies must - and possibly always will - operate in a 'hybrid IT' model.

Will WilkinsonWhat’s driving the growth of Hybrid IT?

One of the primary drivers of Hybrid IT is the need to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Doing everything the 'old way' is not sustainable and could significantly impact your bottom line.

Adopting Hybrid IT - be it for infrastructure, platforms, software, containers or something else - is a huge positive and an enabler for businesses to grow and prosper.

With the right Hybrid IT approach, and the right balance between public and on-premises resources, organisations have the best of both worlds.

Crucially, the balance, and the associated costs can be tweaked as business requirements change.

A key way many organisations are driving up revenue is to make better use of the data they already own. Data is now central to everything and we now have more ways than ever to acquire, utilise and unlock its potential.

And this is where a Hybrid IT strategy can really start to pay off. With the right infrastructure, Hybrid IT, let's you put data in the best places available in order to make the best use of it.

Some of our customers are using Hybrid IT services to make use of data in a way they never could before

Others are, simply taking services to help them make use of data in the same way but with more flexibility and efficiency.

To bring this to life, let’s look at some real life problems OCSL’s Hybrid IT approach have helped resolve.

Hybrid IT Solutions #1 - Hyde Housing

Find out how one of the UK’s leading Housing Associations, made sure their move to the Cloud was mapped to clear outcomes and return on investment.

Read the full case study

Hybrid IT Solutions #2 - Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Discover how Luton Hospital have broken through the constraints of using Cloud in the NHS. By taking a brave, new direction, performance and efficiency have soared while data and systems have been kept safe.

Read the full case study

Hybrid IT Solutions: Next Steps

We work with clients across all sectors. Most want to transition into the world of Hybrid IT and ultimately do 'something as a service'. Many clients don’t know what data they have. They don’t know what to keep, what to ditch and, most importantly, which is their most valuable data that can drive true market leadership in their sector.

Many would like to bring valuable data to the surface, placed in the right place, made visible to business leaders, then analysed and utilised to its full potential. And that's where OCSL can help.

Using our Enablement Framework and Cloud Assessment Services, OCSL can help make sure data (and ultimately applications and databases) is residing in the place that makes most sense to your business.

From there we start to envision how to make better use of that data in order to drive business value from it. This process can be challenging. That’s why many of our customers look for a trusted partner to help bring their business aspirations to fruition in this digital and data driven world.

If you would like to know how to get started on a Hybrid IT journey and want to have an initial conversation, please get in touch

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