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IoT In the Enterprise: Innovations and Challenges

21 Mar 2019


Leading tech analysts such as Gartner believe “CIOs who master innovative IoT in the Enterprise have the opportunity to lead digital innovation in their business.*. Our CTO, Mark Skelton, joined other experts on a recent #IDGTechTalk to discuss IoT in the Enterprise. 

Here’s a brief overview including: what are the benefits, what are the biggest challenges and how is IoT already helping drive up productivity in some sectors?

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Q: What benefits can IoT bring to industries that might not have used it before?

A: Mark Skelton @m_skelts IoT allows any business to collect data from the field to get deeper insights into what is going on.  This allows businesses to make decisions or automate actions based on this data.  It could be a healthcare organisation tracking equipment so clinical staff can find items faster, or an Airport tracking people to make it operate more efficiently.

A: @conversionation (JPDC) - Other benefits include “saving costs and avoiding issues, which are very different per company and industry (example: improving maintenance planning”.)

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Q: What are the biggest challenges to implementing IoT strategies?

A: Mark Skelton - The first challenge is understanding the IoT use case.  What is it that we need to collect data from?  The second challenge is working with data collected.  IoT devices generate a huge amount of information, but not all of it will be useful. So, finding key information can be difficult. The last challenge is, what do you do with the data? Mining data or wrapping Machine learning algorithms is not easy for most organisations….

A: Ben Rothke @benrothke - Implementing #IoT is large environments is complex. It takes a huge amount of design, testing, process creation. Don’t forget that you need people who understand IoT management to ensure it works. And the #infosec problems are huge.

A: Adlib Software @adlibsoftware - With #IoT #BigData it's imperative to standardize the content as it's ingested in order to be able to actually put it to use. This discovery phase can also help to identify sensitive information that's included (if any) like #PII etc.

Q: What are the biggest security threats to IoT implementations?

A: Mark Skelton - With IoT you are often extending your networks into the field where new security threats could arise.  These are dumb devices but can still be exploited. You need to carefully plan the infrastructure and secure the devices with things like secure certificate authentication.

Q: What are some successful industrial IoT uses you’ve seen or heard about?

A:  Mark Skelton - One of the well-known ones is Rolls Royce . They used IoT to change their whole business around engine supply. With IoT enabled engines they can now rent the engines and manage the engines remotely for maintenance tasks. Prior to this they would sell the engines up front and then have very labour-intensive inspection programs.

A: Mark Thiele @mthiele10 - I've seen several in robotic manufacturing that are fantastic in how they combine data on inventory, machine failure risk, and materials quality.  All combined to provide almost real-time information on the capability, capacity, quality & efficiency of the plant.

A: Ben Rothke @benrothke - This @ThorOlavsrud interesting article has 10 #IoT success stories. While lots of firms are failing with IoT (as they think it’ll be a panacea & nirvana), pragmatic firms with detailed designs & expectations are finding huge IoT success.

Q: Where do you see IoT in the Enterprise in five years?

AMark Skelton - IoT in the Enterprise will just be the normal in 5 years.  We live in a world where everything from TVs to smart watches are connected. And this will spread into the Enterprise.  All buildings we work in will be smart, building managing and monitoring what is going on.

A: Brent Kirkpatrick‏ @BrentKirkpatri3 -  In five years, I believe IoT will be ubiquitous.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this conversation on IoT in the Enterprise, as well as a huge range of other tech topics, on #IDGTechTalk with @conversionation, @benrothke, @adlibsoftware, @mthiele10, @BrentKirkpatri3 and many more)


 As the volume of data used within business increases, managing it can become overwhelming and extracting insights almost impossible.   And if you think this is challenging now, what will happen when connected-device count really begins to mushroom?

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