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Moving to the Cloud - 3 considerations you can’t afford to overlook

03 May 2018


I’ve spent the large part of the last three years helping organisations transform their businesses using cloud services. The rate of adoption is now gathering speed with more and more businesses embracing Cloud and moving an increasing number of apps and systems into the Cloud.

Mark SkeltonMy team is focussed on making a move to Public Cloud as streamlined and closely aligned business goals as possible. Increased flexibility and scalability are two of the biggest objectives for clients.

But we often see one common oversight. Many organisations become so focussed on moving to the Cloud, they overlook what happens when you get there. That is, how do you run the services in production? And how do you maintain and support the environment? Once this realisation hits, many of our clients turn to us for advice.

So, what are the most common things organisations tend to overlook?

#1 Levels of Operational Support – It’s true Cloud services do make the world of IT easier to manage. There’s less layers and increased automation frees up time. However, organisations vastly underestimate tasks such as patching and security maintenance. Many IT teams assume this is all taken care of.

#2 Basic Trouble Shooting Skills - Some IT teams simply don’t know where to start if something goes wrong. It’s worth noting the skills and knowledge you may have built up for on premises are not directly transferable.

#3 Lack of Specialised Skills – This is an a UK IT industry-wide problem. And it’s especially true when it comes to recruiting skills for Azure and Office365. And you need to be constantly investing to keep those skills up-to-date.

The rate of change in Cloud is only going to get faster...

This will put ever-more pressure on IT teams moving forward.

To help overcome these issues we’ve distilled our knowledge and experience into building a robust support model. It helps overcome some of the complexity of Cloud and easily fills in skills gaps. Our Microsoft FastStart Support services for Azure and Office365 are based directly on real issues experienced by clients in various sectors such as law, health and retail.

Our research has shown we can save up to 40% on traditional IT support costs

So, factoring in the talent you need to hire, or train, and taking the headache out of DR and IT security management.

The service we have developed is not just a reactive breakfix support. It a service that is designed to help our customer transform with technology.

We work in partnership with our customers to help optimise and make the most of these cloud services. Borrowing Microsoft’s “Evergreen” terminology, our latest support services are a step towards an evergreen environment that evolves and updates as your business grows.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our Microsoft FastSupport services contact OCSL today. Our #Experts will be happy to talk through your requirements and next steps.

Azure FastSupport for 24x7x365 Support

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