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What will be the biggest Tech Trends of 2019 in Enterprise IT? – Part 1

08 Jan 2019


Hi, I’m Mark Skelton, I’m the CTO here at OCSL (A CANCOM Company) and welcome to Part 1 of my latest video blog.  Today, I’m going to be looking at the Enterprise IT Tech Trends for 2019. Before I start looking at  2019, I’m going to take a quick look back at 2018.

Trends Trends 2019 Introduction: A Quick look back at 2018

During the past year, we've seen a faster pace of technology in Enterprise IT than ever before.

We've seen the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Hybrid IT. Data science is everywhere. And is being discussed at the very highest level within the Enterprise.

So, I was interested to read in a recent IDG article that 51% of IT Execs believe their digital transformation strategies have actually stalled.

Many have started their journey, but they haven’t really got anywhere.  A couple of the main reasons cited included: not being ready operationally and core infrastructures needing a significant upgrade.

This indicates we are still in an incubation period in relation to some of these great technologies. And have been setting the bedrock for what will happen in 2019.

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#1 The Data Centre

So, let’s start with one of the first trends; the Data Centre.  The Data Centre is still vitally important for me.  I’ve yet to see any organisation that has started in the Data Centre make a complete leap of faith and shift 100% to the Cloud.  I just don't think it's possible with current technology sets. Plus, I don’t think it is right for all organisations to do that.

What we have seen, is a move of primary or core workloads into the Cloud.  One of the most important things is moving away from a lift-and-shift mentality of the past couple of years.

Taking away Virtual Machines, how can we re-imagine or re-architect an application around PaaS or Containers? How can you get the true benefits of Cloud - the elasticity, the high availability, all the benefits Cloud has always promised to deliver.

Cloud is now stretching into our Data Centres; with technologies such as Azure Stack becoming more and more mature every quarter.

We are also seeing more Edge computing concepts. The Data Centre no longer sits in 4 walls . It sits in a hybrid space - out to the Edge and all the way out to Public Cloud. 

The Edge will become one of the import important topics of the year.  With the introduction of 5G in the UK, we will see more and more intelligent devices sitting out on the perimeter, on the edge of our traditional organisation or Enterprise IT.  Doing things at The Edge, then transferring data back to the Data Centre to analyse with Machine Learning, and AI will be a significant trend in 2019.

Getting true Hybrid across Edge, Public and Private Data Centre, all working harmoniously important will be important in the year ahead.

#2 The Modern Workplace Reimagined

You may think the Modern Workplace is something that has already happened.  That’s true. But I think we are starting to see a shift in the way we think about it.


In the past we’ve thought about its component parts.  The operating system, the device, productivity applications - such as Office 365 - and line of business applications

But now, we’re beginning to think of it as a complete solution.

End users interact with all the different elements above.  And all are equally important for delivering a good user experience.

Now, we need to think about making all the different layers work together.  From Day 1, how can end users open a device and easily collaborate with colleagues and access productivity apps?

And how can you maintain this on an ongoing basis? And how can you make sure the latest innovations, such as AI, are added? Especially as personal assistants like Alexa and Cortana become more prevalent in the Enterprise.

Making IT and technology work for the end user, delivering value and driving productivity will be key tech trends for 2019.  Of course, we’re likely to see new devices come to market such as new versions of Windows 10, new Office 365 and new line of business apps,

But a key underlying trend will be to make sure technology is fully adopted.

In the part two of my Tech Trends 2019 video blog, I look at:

  • The Rise of AI
  • Keeping pace with change
  • Digital Ethics
  • and Connecting IT with the Enterprise.

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