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What will be the most exciting Enterprise Tech Trends for 2020?

07 Jan 2020


Hi, I’m Mark Skelton, I’m the CTO here at CANCOM UK and welcome to my latest video blog.  Today, I’m going to be looking ahead to 2020 and discussing which Enterprise Tech Trends I am most excited about. But before I do that, I’m going to take a quick look back at 2019.


2019 was an interesting year. I think we saw the fastest rate of change than ever before with a big shift to Cloud Computing Models and Modern Workplace Solutions.

However, even though we saw a plethora of technology come to the market place, there was no governance or control around this.

As a result, the technology onslaught created a lot of confusion and complexity for businesses. And ultimately, this created a bad end user experience.

Another technology that didn’t quite hit the mark in 2019 was 5G.

I called this out last year as a big innovation for 2019. However, this didn’t really happen. There were delays from telecoms providers and even politics stood in the way of 5G becoming a reality. This held the industry back in key areas such as IoT and Edge Computing.

So, looking forward to 2020, here are the top two trends I believe will feature strongly:


#Move to Modern Cloud

During 2019 we saw a lot of disruption as organisations moved to Modern Cloud technologies and computing models. But in 2020 I believe we will see the actual transformation of businesses around these technology sets.

Many organisations have moved workloads from traditional data centre models into Cloud Computing models. But what they haven’t necessarily done is provide value back to the business.

For example, technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are accessible now, yet only  a few organisations have started to tap into them.

Increasingly, in 2020, I think we will start to see Enterprises connect data platforms to Artificial Intelligence models.  And, with more intelligent computing platforms, many organisations will begin to really see the true value of transformation.

#Enhanced Security Platforms

I also believe we will see enhanced Security Platforms and enhanced Robotic process automation (RPA) techniques.

As we start to automate more and more in Enterprise IT, this is what I think will make transformation a reality. Throughout our industry, there will be a greater move towards true transformation rather than just the lift-and-shift mentality we saw in 2019.

Mark Skelton
Chief Technology Officer

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