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What a difference a TAM makes – Managed Services

26 Jun 2018


What exactly is a TAM? (Technical Account Manager) is a question, I’m asked on a regular basis. So, as a member of the Technical Account Management (TAM) team, please allow me to give you a better idea of what us TAMs do. And the value we can offer to you as a client.

Tom MerriottWe’re all about great service

Making sure the client is happy is why we exist. Our role is to become totally embedded into the client’s IT team. Our goal is to take service to the next level and become a trusted advisor. Trust is key. Without this, our role is impossible.

We work with a broad range of clients on their ongoing IT challenges and helping them shape their overall IT strategy. TAMs provide an extension of the services we offer via our Managed Services.

You could say, we give our clients someone to bounce ideas off.

Find out more about the increased efficiencies and security Managed Services can offer

A bit about me

Yes, the clue is in the title; my background is technical, but it’s also business focussed.

As an ex IT Client Services Director, I’ve had first-hand experience of vast range of IT platforms, service desks, applications, solution providers, and people. With extensive experience in running an IT department, I can feel your pain!

That experience spans people management challenges, to keeping the C-Suite happy. And most importantly, I’ve got experience of keeping IT systems and teams running to a high level.

Running a sizeable IT department is challenging work, so many clients find having someone based within your IT partner who you can discuss problems and solutions with, is useful.

Technical Account Manager - A typical day

Typically, I spend a lot of time at our client sites, usually at least once a week. And there is a good reason for this. It’s crucial to become totally embedded in our clients’ world. We need to build up strong understanding of all our clients’ goals and pain points.

We get involved in day-to-day issues and become a key liaison between clients and the various OCSL teams.

We make sure issues are resolved, clients are always informed and are happy with the overall resolution.

We bring together all the various OCSL services. So, from one-off projects, account management, hardware procurement and managed service delivery.

Every one of these services can have a direct impact on how a client feels about OCSL.
A key part of my role is making sure we deliver consistently high levels of service right across the board.

Seeing through a client’s eyes

Listening and imagining the issue through a client’s eyes is a vital skill. A TAM listens closely to client feedback and then relays this back to the relevant OCSL department. We work closely with colleagues and if any issues do arise, we make sure they are completely resolved.

In short, we become the clients go-to person for advice and solutions. We then liaise with the relevant OCSL team to make sure we deliver.

Specifically, we make a difference by:

  1. Helping align IT to business goals using proven frameworks
  2. Highlighting new or complementary services and technologies
  3. Owning service issues through to resolution
  4. Bridging the gap between the client and different OCSL departments and different projects
  5. Helping to develop best of breed tech, combined with our services.

“Our TAM Brings a lot to the table around strategy and advice.”
Head of IT, Manufacturing

In short, we get things done and optimise your IT. We help you get through to the right people and quickly resolve issues

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or want to know more about what we do, our Managed Services or indeed have any feedback on my view of a TAM’s role.



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