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Unlocking Business Value with a Connected IT Strategy

21 Feb 2019


To create lasting value for Digital Strategy and Transformation it’s important to take a connected view of how different technologies work together. Our experts consider how a connected view can help address challenges and opportunities. 

Creating Connected Value

By David McClelland @DavidMcClelland

At a recent event designed to showcase the UK’s tech prowess there were eight separate shows, each celebrating their respective pillar of technology: AI, 5GIoTBlockchain, and Immersive Technologies.

During the event, I was mostly struck by one thing: the most interesting place of all wasn’t in any of the individual events. Instead, it was the meeting place in the middle.

And that is, I believe, the key point.

Barely any emerging technology can stand on its own, or deliver real value, without support from the others.

  • IoT is interesting in concept, but without a next-generation network, clouds of compute and some intelligent processing to make sense of the reams of data being produced, there’s little point.
  • “Creativity is just connecting things,” said Steve Jobs. We need to remember this more.
  • Just as siloing corporate data is generally accepted as limiting its strategic value to the business, being siloed in how we think of and apply technology to address challenges and opportunities hold us back in what we can achieve.


Discover how our Enablement Framework can help steer your Digital Strategy and Transformation in the right direction

So, my advice would be to challenge yourself to think beyond what you’ve always done, to grab that blank piece of paper and reassess how to address your business needs without the restrictions of legacy baggage.

Ask yourself, “If I were to start afresh today, how would I do what I do differently with these technologies?” Because that’s exactly what challengers, start-ups – your competitors – are doing right now too. 

Connected Value in Action

By Jason Normanton @PMProuk

Although a much-cited example, let’s take a moment to reflect on how disrupter brands like Uber connected technology to create lasting value.

Uber built their business and IT solution from the ground up, linking together multiple different technologies to provide one cohesive, customer-centric platform. 


Deconstructing Uber’s Connected Approach

The Uber solution ecosystem contains:
•    Mobile technologies (3G or 4G)
•    IOT in the form of GPS output
•    Remote payments systems
•    Real time business intelligence 
•    Proprietary software to knit everything together. 

By connecting the capabilities of these 5 elements Uber has revolutionised an area of the transport industry which before this had seen little change from Victorian times.

Real time IOT and analytics helps identify a driver’s exact location, whether he has a fare or not and will automatically adjusts the tariff charged based on demand for journeys within the area. 

The customer experience is seamless. They know exactly when their chosen vehicle will arrive, who the driver is and how much the trip is estimated to cost before they even get into the vehicle. 

Payment is frictionless. After the journey payment is automatically taken from a credit card or PayPal account and the driver automatically paid minus their commission.

The effect has been cataclysmic the world over.  Even my local taxi firm in Brighton now offers me an “APP” on my smartphone to hail a ride and pay for it electronically an advance which I doubt would have offered had it not been for Uber. 

Digital Strategy and Transformation - Bringing it all Together

Developing an effective IT strategy has the power to transform businesses and fortunes.  But developing an effective strategy can be overwhelming against a backdrop of competing day-to-day demands.

Find out how our Enablement Framework takes the heavy lifting out of developing an effective, connected IT strategy.


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