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Webinar - Operation 'Business as Usual'

15 Sep 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change and rapid adaptation for many businesses. But is this pace of rapid change sustainable? And are businesses prepared for whatever’s next?


To discuss this topic, CANCOM’s CTO Mark Skelton joins, Sutton Winson’s Director Gareth Roberts, and James Webster, Head of Speciality Claims at Hiscox.


Evolution of the Workplace Webinar Series



  • How changes in IT can lead to greater efficiency and processing for businesses.
  • The changes required to tech infrastructure to enable long-term remote working.
  • Importance of cyber-security and the changes in the types of cyber-crimes businesses are facing.


In Part 1, of Sutton Winson’s 3-part webinar, together, these leaders will review how the virus has already impacted operations within the Enterprise and how it’s likely to continue to do so.


They  share their insight on how to mitigate risk and how to best future proof your business.


About Sutton Winson

A privately owned Chartered Insurance Broker and professional risk advisory business, with offices in Middlesex and West Sussex. They service large quoted companies, privately owned organisations, and individuals across the UK and overseas.


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