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Why Azure Stack will be a game changer for Hybrid IT

17 May 2017


Hybrid Cloud. In this post, Mark Skelton shares why he feels Microsoft’s Azure Stack is a real game changer. How it will create stronger Hybrid IT and Hybrid Cloud. How it will provide a seamless interface between On Premise and Cloud. And how you can start planning for Azure Stack today.

Mark SkeltonI’ve spent 10 plus years consulting in and around with Microsoft solutions and I for one, am very excited about what Azure Stack is going to bring to the market.

It’s going to really change the game in terms of how we run our Data Centres. It’s going to simplify things. It’s going to bring about the commodity model everyone’s been talking about.

It’s going to create a unified platform from Public Cloud to On Premise. It creates Nirvana. There will be one place to code, one place to develop and one platform to build upon.

Hybrid Cloud doesn’t need to be hard

I see many clients struggling to make Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT services work. Many struggle to get an effective integration between On Premise solutions and the Public Cloud.

For many there is a common dilemma. On the one hand, they want to benefit from Public Cloud, to leverage its great elasticity and it’s pay-as-you-grow cost models.

But on the other, they also need to keep data On Premise and to look after compliance and security. Plus many have monolithic apps that will never, ever transfer to the Cloud.

Up until now we really haven’t had the right technology. As a result, we’ve seen many clients struggling to build an effective integration and struggle with networks and with processes.

BringIng it all together with Azure Stack

Azure Stack will really help bring together disjointed systems.

The other big piece it will help with is identity.Azure Stack will have an inbuilt capability to work with domain services and stretch identity easily and securely between Public and On Premise systems

Security will also be massively improved. Encryption technologies will use bit locker technology to apply to both On Premise solutions and in the Public Cloud. And you’ll be able to maintain your keys On Premise.

And when it comes to storage, StorSimple will enable people to spread storage spaces more easily between On Premise and the Cloud.

Stack also provides access to the Azure marketplace. Here customers can take advantage of all the innovations and investments Microsoft and their partners are continually making into new services. Meaning organisations can benefit from cutting edge technologies like cognitive searches and machine learning but on their terms, on premise.

I personally, can't wait for this to released. And neither can the rest of the tech community.

If you'd like to start planning for Azure, Azure Stack and a better Hybrid Cloud environment please get in touch.

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