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What makes Windows10 so powerful?

21 Mar 2018


We see many organisations who desperately want to progress their Digital Transformation strategies but struggle to make headway. Across different sectors we’ve seen how a Windows 10 migration can inject exactly the momentum needed. Here are the 3 key ways it can really make a difference:

1# – Smarter Security across the network

It’s no secret a single breach can have a serious impact on an organisations success. Windows 10 is Microsoft's most secure operating system ever. So, arguably, just by moving to Windows 10 you are making a significant investment in security too.

It only runs software you trust. IT is totally in control. It can be configured so only software the IT department has approved can be downloaded. So, any dangerous software accidentally downloaded by a hapless employee won’t touch your network.

Compromised devices are quickly identified. Advanced Threat Protection helps detect, investigate and respond to advanced attacks. (I.e. any that may have made it past other defences on your network and devices.)

Password identity protection is cutting edge - With “Hello for Business”, Windows 10 provides enterprise-grade security. For example, its fingerprint, facial and iris recognition removes the need to remember Windows passwords.
Windows 10 provides an easy and cost-effective solution for two factor authentication with various companion devices that can be used for this purpose.

# 2 – Greater productivity, with everyday tasks made easier

A Windows 10 migration can help you reduce the amount you need to spend on everyday tasks. So, there's more time to invest in digital transformation.

Become cloud enabled, but on your own terms and speed. Using the Cloud, Windows 10 allows employees to use their personal devices to access work files in a secure manner. Because you can define the security and policy down to app level, you don’t have to worry about managing devices.

Speed up deployments Windows 10 allows you to take a brand-new machine and easily push down any security policies and applications from the cloud. You can even change the edition of Windows. Once deployed, the new Windows 10 update and servicing model ensures machines automatically receive updates.

# 3 – Greater personalisation and collaboration

For employees to become more productive they need tools that can adapt to how they work and adjust to their personal style.

Windows 10 provides familiar interfaces for all styles and preferences.Whether an individual prefers touch input or a keyboard and mouse, Windows 10 will provide familiar interfaces for all styles and preferences.

Seamless connectivity across devices allows employees to pick up where they left off. So, access outside the office is the same as inside the office.

Powerful, modern devices. Windows 10 can be delivered on devices you already own, or upgraded to the newest devices out there.

Windows 10 brings the latest features to your existing hardware. You don’t have to wait until the next hardware refresh to take advantage of the value of Windows 10.

Vertical Industry solutions. Your industry will most certainly have different device requirements to another. For example, you may need an embedded scanner in a retail environment or a kiosk to print boarding passes in an airport.

Windows 10 is empowering the next wave of revolutionary devices. Surface Hub for example, unlocks the power of group collaboration like never before. It uses the Windows 10 platform to power amazing large screen apps to create more engaging, productive meetings whether your team is in one location, or many.

If you would like more information on why you should move to Windows 10 and how we can accelerate your Windows 10 deployment and migration plan, then let's set up a 30 min Discovery Call with one of our Enterprise Architects

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