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Windows 10 is in Demand!

25 Sep 2018


The constant innovation offered in Windows 10, and the recent signing of the NHS-wide Windows 10 E5 agreement, means we're seeing ever-increasing demand for Windows 10 projects.

It’s so in demand, we’ve even formed a Windows 10 working group. We’ve brought together experts from different areas of our organisation to really tailor our services to the various requirements we’re seeing.

Tim RichardsonMaking Windows 10 Really Simple for Everyone

We recognise not everyone will have the same set of requirements, that’s why here at OCSL (A CANCOM Company) we offer a tailored service and approach to Windows 10.

Here’s the different Windows 10 scenarios we can help with:

1. Getting started? Our Windows 10 FastStart is ideal if you need help shaping, defining and testing your requirements. We’ll help you with the knowledge, technology and processes to really make the most of Windows 10, and help you to define a clear roadmap to set you on your way.

2. Up against a deadline or already making headway? You might know your compatibility status across apps and devices, or may be part way through a deployment. We can provide a safe pair of hands with the knowledge to sense check and expedite your project. Our ‘Windows 10 Light’ service is great for this.

3. Windows 10 as part of a more strategic transformation or review? Our ‘Windows 10 Full’ service is ideal if you are taking the opportunity to think strategically about how you work. Envisioning, workforce assessments, and a full app compatibility assessment will help you make the most of Windows 10 as part of a broader transformation.

4. Have Windows 10 and wondering how to keep on top of Windows as a Service? We designed our ‘Windows 10 Evolve’ service to do just this. We help you to keep on top of servicing and management, making sure your business knows about and can use the latest innovations as they arrive.

Windows 10 in the NHS

The Department for Health and Social Care have signed an agreement with Microsoft that will see NHS devices upgraded to a Windows 10 Enterprise License (E5).

Check out the deadines and everything you need to know in our simple infographic.

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