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WEBINAR: Is your hybrid cloud strategy living up to expectations?

14 Mar 2019


Many organisations have embraced the public cloud, but it hasn’t always lived up to expectations. Whether that’s because they haven’t realised the cost benefits or are concerned about security, or they’re simply not culturally ready. In fact, according to IDC’s 2018 Cloud and AI Adoption Survey, organisations are moving 50% of their public cloud applications to either a private cloud or non-cloud environment over the next two years.

So how do you achieve the right cloud strategy? It must be relevant to your workloads, so in reality we’re looking at a future that’s hybrid. It’s all about getting the right mix of public and private cloud. Creating an infrastructure that bridges the gap between traditional IT and cloud native applications. Enabling you to keep the lights on, as well as respond to the need to deliver new products and services faster.

As an IT Manager or IT Director of an enterprise organisation, how do you manage the needs of your CIO, Developers and Operations team? This webcast explores how to create the right hybrid cloud approach enabled by a software-defined infrastructure. It also gives a brief overview of HPE Synergy, one infrastructure for all applications.

Learn how to:

red tick40Achieve the optimum hybrid IT model
red tick40Solve the conundrum of keeping the lights on whilst innovating faster
red tick40Effectively manage a complex hybrid IT environment
red tick40Achieve a single source of truth for your infrastructure

Julian Keetch, HPE Software Defined Infrastructure Product Manager

Mike Waldock, Infrastructure and Cloud Expert, CANCOM


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