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How to deliver a future-ready modern device

08 Sep 2020


Changing employee expectations, diverse and distributed teams, and increasingly complex malicious attacks are all common in the Modern Workplace.


In order for a business to survive these pressures, it needs to be responsive to meet its changing needs. This is why organisations are starting to take a more device-centric approach resulting in more personalised computing. Employees are increasingly required to be mobile meaning that more and more devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles are the go-to technology replacing the more traditional desktop model. The market demand for these more premium devices with a service wrap becoming increasingly popular.


CANCOM are running a Virtual Workshop in order to provide an overview of our Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS) offering:


  1. Initial roll out of devices and ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support.

  2. Ongoing security, patching and compliance.

  3. Refresh and disposal options

  4. Our CSP Customer Success Manager ensures you are utilising your licenses to the maximum.

  5. A working environment for effective communication and collaboration between employees

  6. We can also ensure all individuals are adept with the new technology and the productivity tools provided with it.

Our deep knowledge of the Microsoft Technology and Surface devices can help you get the most from this 'as a service' approach in the quest for the best Modern Workplace practice. Our service will ensure the most cost-effective solution allowing you to make the best purchasing decisions and maximise the technology your teams receive in order to best communicate and collaborate daily.


Complete the form to watch the webinar on demand.  


If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@cancom.co.uk or call 0845 605 2100.




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Wednesday 30 Sept 2020


11:00 - 12:00


Teams Meeting

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