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CANCOM in the UK: The Start of Something New

15 Apr 2019


CANCOM in the UK is now official. Exciting times! We have the proven ability to help clients digitally transform. With established capabilities in the UK across Cloud, Managed Services and On Premises Infrastructure, we have the right ingredients to optimise your entire IT eco-system. As part of the CANCOM Group, our coverage extends through Germany, Austria and the USA.

Welcome to CANCOM in the UK. What does this mean for you?


CANCOM in Numbers: Group Facts and Figures

CANCOM, a 1.37 EUR billion IT organisation, boasts one of the broadest ranges of Enterprise IT services and solutions available from a single supplier. With global reach and local expertise, we offer a connected, unified approach, making it easier to control both costs and quality.


Executive Vision

“we have never invested so heavily in the expansion of our…managed services and software business as we did in 2018…the recruitment of specialist staff for managed services and software, and the further development of our unique AHP Enterprise Cloud basically serve a single purpose: we are firmly convinced that the IT infrastructure of companies will be largely hybrid in the future. We want to offer our customers the best possible concepts, services and products for this situation from a single source to continue successful long-term customer relationships and build new ones.”* The CANCOM Executive Board


One Trusted Advisor

Our 3,000+ experts will help you maximise your IT performance, embrace Hybrid Cloud and move towards a Modern Workplace. As well as closing skills gaps, we can quickly help you become more digitally focussed to improve operational efficiency and profits. Our strategic consultancy, architecture design, hardware and software help clients digitally, stay one step ahead. Learn more about CANCOM and our flagship AHP Enterprise Cloud, Digital Workspace Solution.

What Our Clients Say:

Drilling down to real value
"Buying Enterprise Technology products can be hard work. CANCOM’s value is helping us identify what’s of value, and what isn’t.” Nick Batchelor, Head of IT Operations, Gatwick

Work with talent like your own
“I can’t hire all the experts I need in-house; I need to find a breadth of skills in one, reliable partner. CANCOM has that” Mark Douglas, CTO, PPL

CANCOM in the UK Customers

What Our Leaders Say:

Keeping pace with change at 10x speed
“When the outlook is uncertain, the only certainly is change. CANCOM’s role is to help our clients digitally transform and be ready for change.” Thomas Volk, CEO, CANCOM

Bigger, but no less agile
"It’s great to be part of EUR 1.37 billion organisation, with a bigger portfolio. But I want to reassure our clients, we won’t lose any of our 'magic', the agility our clients have always valued." Martin Hess, Managing Director, CANCOM


A Brief History

In 1998 in two different countries, two different tech entrepreneurs created companies founded on the same idea: to make IT easier.

Twenty years later, those two companies have come together. CANCOM in Germany and OCSL in the UK have joined forces to become CANCOM, UK. Learn more about CANCOM and our flagship AHP Enterprise Cloud, Digital Workspace Solution.


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