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OCSL In The Media: Our Chairman, Martin Hess in CRN – ChannelWeb.co.uk

16 Jan 2018


OCSL’s Chairman, Martin Hess, joins other tech leaders to share his tech predictions for the year ahead in CRN.

“Firstly, wearables will begin to become more pervasive across many industries through 2018, with adoption especially growing in healthcare. We'll see lots of interest from more established players such as Apple in this space as a result," said Hess.

"Related to this, secondly, augmented reality will break away from VR [virtual reality] to become a more widely adopted tech - think intelligent, not hybrid, cars."

For the third tech area to watch, Hess named identity management, as he believes 2018 is the "start of a serious move away from passwords to other identifiers such as biometrics and wearables", with such adoption already taking place in Sweden.

"Fourthly, Blockchain will gain relevance in other areas. Lastly, in the cloud space we'll start to see serious LoB [line of business] apps moving to cloud. This is driven by IoT [the Internet of Things] growth expanding outside early-adopter tech clients," said Hess.

"Cash-rich giants such as AWS, Microsoft and Apple continue to aggressively acquire starts-ups in all these areas."

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